Project Manager: Matthew Chesney

Learning Curator: Bo Olawoye

Interaction Designer: Timothy Chesney

Marketing Manager: Tim Jennings

Assistant Curator: John Harris

Archive Consultant: Helena Tomlin

Project Mentor: Chris Weir

Administritive Intern: Käthe Shiel

Digital Intern: Sebastian Chesney

Learning Programme support: Gina Mollet

Lead artists

Phiona Richards
Kallina Brailsford Director of Human Camera CIC
Frances Heap, Maria Luisa Olmos & Beccy Williams from Costumologists

Virtual Reality Experience by Hot Knife Digital Media Ltd

Digital Online Archive by Kind

Backlit would also like to thank

Heritage Lottery Fund

Heritage Lottery Fund

Heritage provides the roots of our identities and enriches the quality of our lives. It inspires pride in communities and is at the heart of today’s tourism industry, bringing investment into local economies of nearly £50billion every year and supporting over a million jobs. That's why we believe heritage should be protected for the future, and why everyone should have the chance to explore and look after it.

Thanks to National Lottery players, we have been able to continue and expand on the legacy and ethos of Samuel Morley.



Kind use technology driven ideas, underpinned by insights and strategy to strengthen brands and their customer relationships. Whether you’re an established brand or a startup building the next big thing, we offer digital services to fit your needs.

Hot Knife Digital Media

Hot Knife Digital Media

Hot Knife Digital Media is a design studio with expertise in designing and delivering 2D/3D animation & video, augmented reality & app’ development. Based in Nottingham, East-Midlands we have over twenty three years experience producing creative content

Framework Knitters Museum

Framework Knitters Museum

Ruddington Framework Knitters’ Museum is a small independent working museum, established by the efforts of the local community, which saved it from the bulldozer and put it under the control of a charitable trust.

Heanor & District Local History Society

Heanor & District Local History Society

Offeing a history of Heanor and the local area. History by location and subject, news, committee members, links, and contacts.

Learning For Life at Morley

Learning For Life at Morley

Morley College is an adult education college in central London. It offers part time, day and evening courses, for leisure, pleasure or to gain a qualification.

Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery

Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery

The best regional, national and international art in the regularly changing exhibition galleries. Plus the permanent exhibitions showcase costume and textiles, silverware, glass and jewellery all year round.

Nottingham City Council

Nottingham City Council

Nottingham City Council is the non-metropolitan district council for the unitary authority of Nottingham in Nottinghamshire.

Picture the Past

Picture the Past

Picture the Past' aims to conserve and make publicly accessible the photographic heritage of the North East Midlands, thus enabling people to see the richness and diversity of the area's photographic collections.

We would also like to thank

Matthew Chesney – Backlit Director and Project Manager

This has been the most tremendously heart rendering project i have worked on to date. What started as a simple visit to the local archives has grown and spread into a social movement that has involved so many people across the country. The Samuel Morley Project has not only changed Backlit as an arts organisation that no places social activism at its core but also changed the lives of the many people that continue to add to its legacy.

Bo Olawoye – Learning Curator

Big respect and thanks for all your hard work in the community and for providing such a vibrant learning programme that made the summer so memorable. I’m sure Morley would be proud of your forward thinking approach to social activism and for touching so many peoples lives over the last year.

Timothy Chesney - Digital Technician and Interaction Designer

Thanks to Tim’s incredible dedication to the project that has not only ensured that the there is a true sense of cutting edge innovation with technology, but a totally authentic and new perspective on the Morley story. Tim has kept all digital aspects of the project blazing forward in such immense phase of research and made sure that there is an incredibly strong sense of narrative in the content and ambition that makes the project so inspirational.

Video Credits

All videos were filmed and edited by Timothy Chesney. We are really pleased that peoples memories are preserved in such a heartfelt way.

Kind - Online Archive Website

Big thanks to Christina Winkless, Mat Hayward and Tom Davies at Kind for guiding us in creating a visually stunning and informative archive experience with Through supporting us in focusing centuries of history and many years of research we not only have an impressive online hub for all things related to I & R Morleys, but also a high quality and contemporary web site reinventing the heritage and archive online format.

Hot Knife Digital Media Ltd - In-House Virtual Reality Experience

Massive thank you to Simon Wallet, Andrew Whitney and Dean Parker at Hot Knife for digitally transporting us back in time to I & R Morleys in 19th Century. Much gratitude to you all in recreating the 1st floor of Backlit from a simple black and white photo into a fully immersive and vivid interactive experience that we are very proud of and know many people will really enjoy.

Tim Jennings – Marketing Manager

Thank you for spreading the Morley word and presenting the project with such a refreshing and exciting voice!

Helena Tomlin – Archive Manager

Thank you for bringing years of experience to the table and ensuring that feedback was heard and responded to along the way.

Chris Weir – HLF Mentor

Thank you for all the years of inspiration and advice that has made the Morley Project such a pleasure to work on.

Colin Hyde – Oral History Training

Many thanks for providing such an entertaining and informative training session.

Artist Educators

The work you all did was life changing for may people and has made Backlit very proud. Phiona Richards, Kallina Brailsford Director of Human Camera CIC Frances Heap, Maria Luisa Olmos & Beccy Williams from Costumologists. Thanks to Ivy Kenton at the Urban Fashion House for providing such a welcoming venue for everyones fashion ideas.

Morley Union

The research and time you have all made has kept us all feeling so passionate about the project and has breathed new life into the history of Morley. You are all so incredible!

Morley College and Gallery

Huge thank you to Jane Hartwell for supporting the tour of the exhibition ‘House of the Flying Wheel’ and Elaine Andrews for providing years of research and rarely seen images.

Installation Technicians

Massive thanks to Peter Chesney, Dennis Fryer and Frank Kelsey for helping us build a station to house the Oculus Rift and a vitrine for the archive objects in such a short space of time with great quality and designs.

Archive Credits

Original Images

Anthony Hopwood - Thanks for some great and very artistic still life images created for the archive.

Picture The Past

Many thanks to Mark Higginson and Nick Tomlinson for their support in sending us some crucial images that have helped us illustrate the I & R Morley legacy.

Local Studies

Much appreciation to the kind ladies at the Local Studies archive especially Rachael who dug even deeper into the archives to source the brilliant Threads magazines for us.

Morley College

A huge thanks to Elaine Andrews for not only giving us some marvellous images from he Morley College archive but for also going above an beyond sending us Samuel Morley news clippings that have been so valuable to our research.

Nottingham Costume and Textile Museum

Thank you to Judith Edgar and Tonia Outtram for the enthusiasm and support in capturing the incredible garments and books in the Nottingham Costume and Textile archive especially in the creative photo shoot in the great hall. And Deborah Dean for generously giving us permission to the collection.

Heanor & District Local History Society

Huge thank you to Brian Key for bringing some incredibly important images and letters salvaged during the I & R Morley closure in Heanor.

Framework Knitters

Gratitude to Paul Baker Framework Knitters Museum for letting us come and visit the museum and to Andy for giving us an informative demonstration. Also thanks to David Hunter for being an inquisitive interviewer and to Nicola Harness for helping with the filming and sound recording on the day.

Karen Chesney

Loving thank you to Karen Chesney for sharing her beautiful and vivid childhood memories of Backlit and the surrounding area. Thank you also to Clare Barton for conducting a fantastic interview.

Terry Hunt

Many thanks to Terry Hunt for a brilliantly funny childhood story as well as Yvonne Wright for conducting the interview with a straight face.

Morley Factory Workers

Firstly a big thanks to Käthe Shiel for finding the unforgettable Morley girls and factory workers of I & R Morleys in Heanor. Another massive thank you to Jean Shipman for organising the Morley days at Heanor Methodist Church. With out your support we wouldn’t have all the incredible interviews we have and met the wonderful people that we did. Yvonne Wright did a sterling job of conducting the interviews in a genuinely heart warming way and thank you for you support in creating something really special. Thank you to John Wright, Dorothy Holmes, Eileen Smith, Hilary Whittaker, Una Walker, Iris Fretwell, Bill Woolley, Kath Lilly, Jean Shipman for giving us riveting and emotional accounts of your life working at Morleys Heanor.

We would also like to thank;

Heritage Lottery Fund, Amanda Turner, Morley College, Jane Hartwell, Chris Weir, Carol Jones, Nottingham Archives, Nottingham Costume and Textile Archive, Deborah Dean, Judith Edgar, Tonia Outtram, Picture the Past, Heanor History Association, Jean Shipman, Peter Chesney, Denis Fryer, Gina Mollet, Kate Shiel, Colin Hyde, The frame knitters museum, the Knit & Stich group (St Anns Valley Library), young people “models” from St Anns, Women’s Aid Integrated Services, Nature in Mind/Framework and Ivy Kenton, Owner of The Urban Fashion Hub, Local Studies Library.