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Baker's Jacket

Baker's Jacket

Baker's 'Morwear' Jacket. Turndown collar with square points, high buttoning; 2 fronts, each cut with a short square lapel, patch-pocket at hip level, patch-pocket on left chect only; 2 back, centre vent sleeves: long, 2 pieces, faced at wrist; placket in back seam, fastening bachelor's button, buttonhole fastening: 4 bachelor's buttons of white plastic with steel wire shanks, buttonholes

Label: woven, red and black on white, "Specialists in Overalls Etc., Morwear Brand, H.A. Morley, 33 Manvers Street, Nottingham"

Association: maker H.A., 'Morwear' Morley, 33 Manvers St, Nottingham, 1927-1940

Dim. l 66cm, cotton

Artefact number
NCM 1980-66/2

Reproduced with kind permission of Nottingham City Museums and Galleries.

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