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George VI and Elizabeth Coronation Stockings

George VI and Elizabeth Coronation Stockings

Pair of tan silk and cotton lisle; machine-knitted; hand-embroidered in silk with crowned initials "G" and "E", commemorating the Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in May 1937.Fully fashioned; deep welt of lisle with shadow welt; English foot of lisle; heel with straight top and curved sides, reinforced with lisle; toe plated with lisle; heel and toe seams linked in blue; silk leg; clocks with red, white and blue crown above red initials "G" and "E", line of tan satin-stitch, divided to go part way down heel and along sole mark: "M" knitted in sole.

Association: I. and R. Morley, Fletcher Gate, Nottingham, 1937

Dim. l. 81.3cm, silk, cotton

Provenance worn by Mrs Buckley at her wedding at All Saints Church, Margaret St, London W1 on 22.10.1936

Artefact number
NCM 1993-187

Reproduced with kind permission of Nottingham City Museums and Galleries.

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